BZ600 is a High-Performance, UV-resistant Nano Ceramic Color Coating, filling in the surface porosity, creating a beautiful, porous-free, extremely hard, durable super-slick finish that stays cleaner longer.      DOWNLOAD TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION  |  DOWNLOAD COLOR CHART

BZ600 creates a covalent bond to the substrate making it an intrinsic part of the material. It is self-priming to most substrates*, reducing the time and labor required for application. It is ideal for use above and below the waterline, marine and offshore structures and equipment, appliances, and architectural, industrial, agricultural and heavy service land-based equipment. Thermally stable to 1,100°F/600°C.

BZ600 is available in over 40 standard colors (refer to the BZ600 color chart), with custom colors also available. Nano-ceramic coatings are naturally UV resistant, maintaining their color accuracy. It can last for years with very little maintenance, saving time and money.

BZ600, as a hull coating, is naturally hydrophobic, reducing the coefficient of friction, reducing drag, increasing top speed, and improving fuel economy. It is extremely long lasting and takes a beating. It is used by offshore oil platforms, the Naval, Coast Guard, Police, and manufacturers of boats up to beautiful luxury mega-yachts. It is also available as a Non-Toxic, Non-Leaching, Antimicrobial, UV resistant Nano Ceramic Color Coating BZ600AM. This is ideal as an antifoul preventing marine growth and reducing maintenance and labor.

* BZ600 can be used with BX520HT primer to improve the adhesive bond to difficult-to-bond-to substrate materials and/or silicone-contaminated surfaces. For surfaces that may be questionable or have hard-to-remove contamination, use the  BX520HT nano-ceramic adhesion primer. BZ600AM can also be applied over tight rust using the BL780 Rust-Tight coating.


BZ600 Properties

Color                                                                      Refer to BZ600 color chart

Viscosity                                                                >0.21 cm2/s (104 F/4)0

Percent of Solids                                                Part A Resin 96% ±2%

Mixed (90-91%)______________________________Part B  Hardener 71% ±2%

Mix ratio_____________________________________4:1 (80:20)

Odor Liquid                                                        Slight Solvent

Odor Cured                                                          None

NFPA flame spread__________________________Class A

V.O.C. (compliant)                                              0.9 per/US Gal

Adhesion                                                             5B (ASTM D3359-02)*

Mass density                                                       11.3 lb./US Gal

Recommended DFT_________________________ 3.0 – 7.0 Mils per coat

Thermal Stability, resin (cured)                         1100°F + (593.3°C)*

Theoretical coverage rate                                 ~289 FT2/US Gal for 5.0 mils

Pot life (@ 65-70°F)                                              4 hr.

Dry to the touch (@ 65-70°F) ________________ 1.5-2 hr.

Recoat time(@ 65-70°F) _____________________ 1.5-2 hr. minimum

Cure time (@ 65-70°F)                                         4-4.5 hr.

Force dry (after dry to the touch)                     140°F max*

Salt Spray (5%solution)                                      5500  Hours

UV resistance________________________________ excellent

Application temperature_______________ _____ 5° above dew point

Relative humidity during application & cure__at 40% minimum


  • Application method: Spray, roller, or brush.
  • Power mix components BZ600 A & B together to create a uniform consistency.
  • The product is flammable; use appropriate mixing equipment and proper ventilation when working with this product. Review product SDS before working with this product.
  • There is no induction time required after mixing before applying this product.

 Surface Preparation

      For Metal or non-ferrous surfaces

  • A clean and dry surface is always best; a white blast is preferred for metal surfaces. After all your sanding and prep are completed, air blast clean, and for a finer finish, wipe with a good cleaning solution to remove contaminants off the surface. Follow this with the coating process, taking place as quickly as possible, to prevent flash rusting. If abrasive blasting is not possible, mechanical or use a hand descaling brush to remove any loose rust scale, flaking paint, etc.
  • Tight rust may be seal-coated with TL780 Rust-Tight, (refer to product TDS), then it may be top coated with the BZ600 series topcoat.

For Gelcoat or composite surfaces

  • Be sure to air blast off any dust and clean the surface with a good cleaning solution or sand to get a well-prepared surface. Be sure to remove any oils, dust, or other foreign matter.
  • BZ600 series coating may also be top-coated with a BL212AM nano-ceramic clear coat for extra protection from the elements. Contact your BlueGold Labs dealer or us if you have questions.


Tips to improve your finish when using spray equipment

Although the BZ600 is a one-coat product giving you excellent results, here are some further tips:

  • Seam seal where all the welds are, using 3M Bare-Metal Seam Sealer 08310.
  • After completing your sanding and prep, use an air nozzle to blast off the dust.
  • Preclean and wipe down to remove all the grime; this helps your masking tape stick better, which makes prepping for your paint much better.
  • Tape and mask anything you don’t want to get paint on.
  • Give it a final clean to remove any contaminants that come from your fingertips or anything in the air. This may help eliminate any fisheyes of anything like that when you go to prime or paint it.
  • Static Control: We recommend using this on everything you paint if you want a fine finish, regardless of the paint. Use a STAT-GUN SG-1000 on your surfaces. Most of the dirt and stuff you get onto your paint jobs that make it look bad is from static electricity. A Stat-Gun puts positive and negative charged ions on the panel and eliminates the static charge from attracting airborne impurities onto the surface.

Spray Equipment

  • Recommended spray nozzle orifice is 1.5 to 2.0mm
  • Recommended nozzle pressure is 0.3 to 0.4 MPa or 58psi.

Always pre-evaluate a new product and its application. Testing of BZ600 should be done on a sacrificial substrate piece before using it on a finished part to be sure that the application technique is giving the desired result.

It is recommended to apply the coating with the thin tack coat followed by the typical box coat application method to be assured of a uniform coating thickness.

  • If spraying – apply in 50% overlapping passes to be assured of a “holiday-free” coating.

Clean Up?

  • Tool clean-up – use MEK or a similar solvent.
  • Any overspray cleaning and/or equipment cleaning – must be cleaned immediately with acetone, toluene, xylene, or MEK.


Normally thinning is not required for most applications. If thinning is required, the “BZ600 Thinner” can be ordered, allowing a thinner film to build and flow out smoother. The “BZ600 Thinner” can be added after the initial mixing of Parts A & B at a (5 to 15% Maximum by volume). This thinner is explicitly formulated to work with our BZ600 paints. Substituting other thinners may compromise the finished product!! Before thinning, we highly recommend you experiment with a small volume of material and test and re-test until you are happy.

Recommended DFT:                     3.0 – 7.0 per coat

Theoretical coverage rate:         289 sq./ft. /US Gal for 5.0 mils

Pot life (@ 65-70°F):                      4 hr.

Dry to the touch (@ 65-70°F):    1.5-2 hr.

Recoat time (@ 65-70°F):             1.5-2 hr. minimum.

Cure time (@ 65-70°F):                 4-4.5 hr.

Brand BlueGold Labs
Size 1 Gallon
Color Beige Grey, Black Brown, Brown Beige, Capri Blue, CLEAR, Cobalt Blue, Concrete Grey, Distant Blue, Fawn Brown, Fir Green, Flame Red, Gentian Blue, Golden Yellow, Grass Green, Jet Black, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Mint Green, Mouse Grey, Ocean Blue, Olive Green, Pale Green, Pastel Blue, Pearl night Blue, Pebble Grey, Pure White, Raspberry Red, Red Brown, Sand Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Signal Black, Signal Blue, Signal Green, Signal Grey, Signal Orange, Signal Red, Signal White, Signal Yellow, Slate Grey, Steel Blue, Sulfur Yellow, Traffic Red, Umbra Grey, Yellow Grey, Zinc Yellow
HS Code 3208.90.0000
UN Number UN-1263