BL780 Rust-Tight has a proven track record for turning Rusted metal oxides into a hard-inert material that stops rust from reforming.  DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTATION

BL780 Rust-Tight should be top coated with BZ600 Color Coating or any other industrial grade coating to create an ascetically pleasing look that will complement the surrounding surfaces.

BL780 Rust-Tight Properties

  • Color:  Clear
  • Viscosity: Thin Paste
  • Odor (liquid):  Mild
  • O.C.:  None
  • Halogens:   None
  • RoHS:  Compliant
  • REACH:  Compliant


  • BL780 Rust-Tight was designed to easily lock and seal tight rust in its tracks.
  • BL780 Rust-Tight is easy to apply by brush, roller, or spray, depending on the size of the project at hand.
  • The first step – is always to remove as much of the loose or flaking rust material from the surface or as needed to create a surface that will be visually appealing.
  • BL780 Rust-Tight turns the rust/metal oxides into a hard-inert material that stops further rusting.
  • BL780 Rust-Tight dries quickly at room temperature.
    • Warmer temperatures or direct sunlight will shorten the dry time.
    • Whereas high humidity or cooler temperatures will increase dry time.
  • BL780 should always be top-coated with BZ600 or a similar protective topcoat.
Sizes 5-Gallon, 1-Gallon, 1-Quart
HS Code 3208.90.0000
UN Number NON-DG
Characteristics Clear, Exterior & Interior Coatings, Nano Ceramic, Non-Leaching, Primer, Self Priming, Solvent Base, Surface Treatment, Thin Coating, UV Resistant. Great for Floors, Hard Surfaces, Marine, Pools, Metal, Vehicles

Scaly Rust

Coated With Rust Tight

Tight Rust