CeramaTherm Insulation

CeramaTherm™ Extreme Insulation Thinfilm Coating – BG400

CeramaTherm™ is an extremely unique, ultimate-performance, ceramic-based epoxy sealer coating insulator.

At 0.01″, 10 mils, 0.25 mm thickness, the K value is 0.02 W/mK. CeramaTherm contains Aerogel and insulates in four ways – via convection, conduction, radiance, and reflection, providing extreme thin-film insulation functionality. It can get dirty, lose its reflectivity, and be covered in water, and it will still insulate because of the type of components that have been incorporated into the product. It is designed to endure and last for years; it handles high attrition well.

It is white, UV-resistant, flexible, durable, waterproof, and breathable. It also provides up to 68% sound reduction and has a Class-A fire rating. It is reliable and versatile, working safely and efficiently in extreme temperatures from Canada to Kuwait, from the deep sea to outer space, innovating the future of insulation and enduring in the harshest environments.

CeramaTherm may be used for interior and exterior applications and effectively eliminates thermal bridging. For example, it is often used as a stand-alone roofing product or to encapsulate various roofing materials. It is fully waterproof, and its extreme insulation value stops Thermal Shock, thus extending roof and exterior building wrap life. Applied correctly, it inhibits damage from standing water, and once fully cured, CeramaTherm can remain underwater without harming the coating. It is a resilient, impact-resistant surface that withstands 2.5-inch hail at 140 mph / 225 kph.

CeramaTherm provides multiple application benefits, including corrosion protection. Use on warehouses, steel buildings, steel structures, aluminum and on old concrete structures, stucco finishes, and the same, and may be applied directly over tight rust. It offers unmatched protection against heat and cold extremes, mildew, alkali, UV, oils, and grease. It can be applied to a dry or damp surface, making rain a non-issue at application time.

CeramaTherm covalently bonds and adheres to practically all surfaces with remarkable flexibility at thermal extremes. As a result, it can be applied directly to metal, PVC, Concrete, EPDM, cap-sheet, wood, stucco, sheetrock, and almost any properly prepared substrate. It can safely encapsulate and seal in asbestos, as long as the base asbestos material still has complete structural integrity, so there is no tear-off or hazardous landfill waste.


Extreme Environments

Trucking in Extreme Cold

Commercial rooftops

Temperature Sensitive Shipping

Farms & Animal Shelters

Commercial Warehousing

Trucking in Extreme Heat

Building Sound Insulation


CeramaTherm is used on Land and Sea, in Extreme Temperate Climates, and way above us in the Sky. If you have questions, please ask.

No other thin film insulation comes close to CeramaTherm’s capabilities.

Applied in the factory or the field, CeramaTherm Extreme Ultrathin Coating allows you to control the temperature in ways that no other insulation can. Contact us to learn more.

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